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HR Management Systems

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HR Management Systems: More Important and Affordable Than Ever

Human resources management systems (HRMS) have become a necessity.

HRMS manage all employee-related data and operations, including payroll, HR data, talent management and attendance. An employee’s entire employment cycle can be recorded, from job application, to performance appraisals, training, compensation, work accidents and career management.

Depending on your organization’s size, the administrative burden of managing human resources can be significant. Setting up a structured and efficient HR management system significantly increases efficiency.


Since the economic downturn of 2008, organizations haven’t invested significantly in HRMS. Many lag behind—a situation made more acute in Quebec due to the current labour shortage.

Companies that manage their HR manually rely on time-consuming, error-laden Excel files to process data. As a result, important data often can’t be correlated and analyzed.

HRMS has become essential for businesses to stay competitive and efficient, as well as to maximize performance and profits.


HRMS now uses the SAAS (software as a service) approach. All solutions are billed monthly based on the number of services used. This has resulted in significantly reduced initial acquisition and maintenance costs compared to ten years ago.

Due to the cost savings and increased efficiencies, managers are much more willing to give HRMS projects the green light.


A solution is valid and helpful only when it is suitable.

Some organizations only require small improvements to existing systems, not complete or partial overhauls. The key is having a clear picture of your company’s current processes and technology infrastructure before choosing.

When it comes to choosing an HRMS, the secret lies in performing an in-depth assessment of core functional requirements.

This is one of Solertia’s main areas of expertise. Our methodology includes:

Assessing your processes (identifying time and energy inefficiencies, opportunities for improvement, evaluating risks)

  1. Assessing your technological infrastructure (essential functional requirements)
  2. Preselecting your solutions (evaluating the technology options that meet your organization’s functional requirements)
  3. Assessing your profitability (calculating your return on investment)
  4. Negotiating contractual agreements (supporting you in negotiations with your chosen vendor)


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    Our Solutions

    We provide structured solutions developed to tackle your most difficult human resources challenges. Our innovative tools and evidence-based best practices are the result of years of practical experience.

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      Given the labour shortage, attracting and retaining talent can be challenging. Base salary alone is not enough; companies need to offer enticing and well-rounded total compensation packages. Our services include:

      • Designing and implementing total compensation packages aligned with business strategy
      • Developing tools, policies and processes including salary surveys, compensation structures and incentive plans
      • Optimizing taxes
      • Communicating compensation
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      A company’s health (including financial) depends on the well-being of its employees. Organizational Development (OD) programs are designed to increase efficiency and productivity through employee engagement and participation. Our services include:

      • Implementing OD programs that create positive change and maximize employees’ potential (retain talent, reduce turnover and improve workforce planning)
      • Analyzing HR initiatives and implementing best practices
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      Compliance with provincial and federal pay equity laws provide employers with an opportunity to take a deep dive into their compensation practices. Companies who have not complied are exposed to penalties, interest payments and fines of up to $45,000. Our services include:

      • Carrying out pay equity exercises (initial and maintenance)
      • Supporting managers through government audits
      • Assisting managers in filing their annual declarations (DEMES)
      • Providing customized training, coaching and guidance
      Learn more
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      Quebec-based employers with a payroll in excess of $2 million must spend 1% of their payroll on employee training and declare that amount to Revenu Québec. We can help you document your training expenses and meet your legal obligation. Our services include:

      • Identifying eligible training activities and creating structured training plans
      • Recovering payments made in excess
      • Supporting managers during tax audits
      Learn more
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      It pays to be compliant! Solertia’s team of professionals assist companies of all sizes and industries in complying with the growing number of provincial and federal labour laws. Our services include:

      • Assessing your Provincial and Federal compliance obligations
      • Implementing compliance strategies
      • Supporting managers in preventing and resolving disputes
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      Both federal and provincial governments offer a large selection of tax credits and grants. However, choosing the appropriate program(s) and completing the required paperwork can be daunting. We’re here to help! Our services include:

      • Evaluating funding strategies and eligibility for multiple programs
      • Preparing applications
      • Supporting government audits
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      The labour shortage in Canada is a trend that’s here to stay. Filling vacant positions requires an accurate analysis of your current situation and a coherent recruitment strategy. Our services include:

      • Providing coaching during the recruitment process including; psychometric testing, background checks and job postings
      • Developing robust recruitment tools and measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy
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      HR Management Systems (HRMS) have evolved to the point where they are indispensable for modern businesses. Initial acquisition costs are only a fraction of what they cost just 10 years ago. Our services include:

      • Assessing internal processes and technological infrastructure
      • Assisting in the research and preselection of an HRMS
      • Calculating return on investment
      • Negotiating contract agreements
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