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Total Rewards in Quebec

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Get a clear picture of the situation in Quebec so you can make the right strategic decisions to retain and mobilize your current employees and those of tomorrow, especially in the context of labour scarcity

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Solertia - Centre for Total Rewards and HR Excellence

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HEC Montréal

The Quebec Total Rewards Survey
is a comprehensive survey highlighting the best total rewards practices in the Quebec labour market.

How does it work ?

More than 225 organizations are surveyed to identify their total rewards practices

The objective?

To identify the best practices; those linked to the highest employee retention rate.

More than 3000 workers are surveyed to identify their real needs in the job market.

The objective?

To identify what is considered to be mobilizing elements.

A comparative study highlighting what organizations offer their employees and what workers expect from their employers.

* The workers surveyed in this study are not necessarily the employees of the organizations surveyed. The two groups are part of separate samples surveyed independently.

The Quebec Total Compensation Survey – 2022 Edition is now complete

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By participating in the survey, you will be contributing to the creation of a powerful human resources tool that you can access, free of charge. You will find a full report in three sections:

1. Discover

What you get:

A clear picture of current total rewards practices in Quebec and the needs of workers.

2.  Compare

What you get:

A comparative study allowing you to better situate your offer in the current market (you will have access to the answers provided in your questionnaire in order to properly start your strategic thinking).

3. Take action

What you get:

Concrete solution pathways for you to take action in your organization and improve your employee retention rate.

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About us

Solertia is the first integrated HR expertise center in Quebec. Our multidisciplinary team is made up of some fifty professionals from the fields of total compensation, human resources management, organizational development and employee benefits, who use their expertise and skills to provide innovative, high value-added client support.

The design of the survey tools was carried out with the valuable collaboration of Michel Cossette, Associate Professor, Department of Human Resources Management – HEC Montreal.