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A Human Approach to Strategy

At Solertia, we are a consulting firm specializing in total rewards and human resources management. We believe that human resources should be a strategic pillar of every organization. Our experts offer a full range of support to build a solid HR foundation. And it all starts with our human approach to strategy.

Your Key to Total Rewards and HR Management

Solertia is Quebec’s first integrated centre for total rewards and HR excellence. Our multidisciplinary team consists of over 50 professionals, covering every aspect of the field, from HR management and organizational development to total rewards and employee benefits. As leaders in the industry, we have honed our skills to bring you an unmatched customer experience.

We have uncovered the secrets to talent attraction, retention, and employee motivation. With our support, you can strengthen your organization with best practices and the latest in HR strategy.

Total Rewards

Identify best practices to improve your employee experience and boost your capacity for talent acquisition, retention, and motivation.

  • Integrated total rewards
  • Total rewards for key personnel
  • Total rewards audits
  • Salary structure
  • Variable compensation
  • Working conditions

HR Strategies

Rethink workplace efficiency and step up company performance, refine your strategy to resolve challenges and enhance employee contributions.

  • HR strategic planning/strong>
  • Organizational development
  • Career and professional development
  • Dispute prevention and resolution
  • Work environment, organizational culture, and engagement
  • Employee experience and employer brand
  • HR consulting


Support employee wellbeing with higher-value employee benefits programs and improved working conditions.

  • Pension and savings plans
  • Group insurance
  • Financial education and strength
  • Health and wellness
  • Compensation and tax optimization

Labour Legislation Compliance

Comply with the many complex labour laws and maximize available benefits with the help of our expert advice.

  • Pay equity
  • Workforce Skills Act (1% Law)
  • Psychological harassment
  • Labour legislation

Meet Your Partners in HR Strategy

At Solertia, our focus is on people. Your people, our people—it’s the humans who matter in what we do. As your partners in total rewards and HR management, we’re here to improve the overall health of your organization. We can not wait to set you up with our holistic, far-reaching solutions.

Your business success starts with a passionate team who lives out their core values every day.

Discover our approach and experience our five-star reputation first-hand. Get in touch.

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