Does Your Company Offer an Optimal Benefits Program?

The purpose of benefits is to improve the living conditions of your employees. Benefits make up an integral part of a winning total rewards strategy.

At Solertia, we classify benefits into five distinct categories, each one is important to consider within your organization.

Retirement and Savings Plans

Help your employees achieve financial independence at retirement.

Group Insurance Plans

Help protect and support your employees and their families by ensuring their financial security.

Financial Health and Education For Your Employees

Contribute to the financial health of your employees with well-designed, comprehensive programs.

Employee Health and Wellness

Offer healthy lifestyle programs and maximize the productivity potential of your employees.

Compensation and Tax Optimization

Increase your employees’ disposable income by taking advantage of tax benefits for your compensation policy.

Proven Methods to Prepare You for Every Scenario

At Solertia, we pride ourselves on offering a professional service that benefits both you and your employees. When you choose us, you’ll enjoy customized support from one of our designated experts. We’re here to set you up with everything you need to know about daily benefits administration, best practices, and how to manage specific situations with employees and suppliers. And if you have any questions along the way, we have answers.

We design our benefits programs so that you save money. We also support you in your total rewards reinvestment strategies.

We leverage data from our extensive client roster to validate the competitiveness of your programs based on your reality and industry.

We stay current with new trends in the marketplace. We offer innovative options for modernizing your programs based on the evolving landscape.

We prioritize impeccable communication and professional human relations between your team and ours. As our client, you’ll benefit from the following communication tools:

  • Video conferences; video clips
  • Dynamic communication technology
  • Memos to employees (renewals, change of insurer)
  • Conferences, corporate meetings

Company Retirement and Savings Plans

One of the pillars of financial health lies in financial and retirement planning. In response to this need, many organizations offer a retirement plan with employee and/or employer contributions.

To ensure the proper management of a pension or savings plan, Solertia offers a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of your plan, from legal and tax structures to selecting a provider and investments to overseeing price negotiations, compliance, and governance.

Your Retirement and Savings Plan: Why Solertia?

At Solertia, we’ve perfected our approach to supporting your employer experience while also promoting the financial success of all plan members.

Our Goals as Consultants

  • Facilitate the administration of your plan (day-to-day management, responsibilities).
  • Show your employees the value of their benefits programs, in order to increase their positive perception of their compensation and your organization as a whole.
  • Contribute to employee enrichment through our financial education program and high-performance investment options.
  • Oversee and manage an optimal, compliant plan that meets the needs of your organization.

Your Goals as an Organization

  • Promote your financial management.
  • Increase your employees’ savings rate.
  • Contribute to the financial success and achievement of medium- or long-term financial goals.
  • Support your employees toward achieving financial independence.

Remember that your organization’s contribution to a pension plan is part of your employees’ total rewards. Be sure to communicate the full value of this benefit at your annual meetings.

Group Insurance Plan

There are several advantages to implementing a group insurance plan in your company. Examples include:


  • Your employees will benefit from a financial cushion for their major healthcare costs (drugs, paramedical care, major dental care) and mitigation for certain financial risks related to death, critical illness, or disability.
  • You can implement the plan that best meets your employees’ needs while staying in line with your budget and priorities.
  • You get access to innovative strategies that ensure you get value for every dollar you invest in group insurance.

A Turnkey Approach

Our focused approach to group insurance covers all aspects of your plan. This includes management and optimization, compliance, proactive budget planning, provider selection, tax optimization of premium sharing, transparency, communication, and more.

Some benefits can be paid for by the employer without representing a taxable benefit for your employees. This is a compelling way to generate more net income for your employees at no extra cost to your organization. We recommend that our clients choose the most tax-efficient options for their employees.

Financial Health and Education for Your Employees

Did you know that almost 50% of Canadians admit that financial stress affects their job performance, resulting in lower productivity? Additionally, 84% of employees express that they would like to participate in workplace financial education programs.

At Solertia, financial education is an aspect of our practice that is particularly important to us. A well-informed employee is an employee who is better able to make sound financial decisions, which often translates into increased productivity and a more positive attitude at work.

As an employer, you can provide concrete support to your employees through our financial education program.

1. Canadian Payroll Association, “CPA NPW 2018 Employee Research Survey, Profile,” prepared by Framework Partners Inc (2018).

Our Corporate Financial Education Program

Solertia’s financial education program has four components:

  • Individual meetings
  • Corporate conferences
  • Webinars
  • Content library (resource centre)

All professional support offered by our financial planning consultants is confidential. Our team guides your employees so that they can take charge of their financial situation and choose the professionals who will work with them. These services for your employees are objective and independent; they are in no way intended to promote any product, with the exception of your retirement plan.

The goal is to perform a 360° diagnosis in order to obtain a global and evolving vision of your employees’ needs and next steps.

For example:

  • How do I establish a realistic budget?
  • Is my investor profile right for me?
  • How much should I save for retirement?
  • Do I have adequate insurance?
  • How do I negotiate my mortgage rate?
  • How can I reduce my tax liability?
  • Should I choose an RRSP or a TFSA?
  • And much more

Employee Health and Wellness

The success of a company depends on the engagement and productivity of its employees. With this in mind, Solertia offers a structured approach to health and wellness in the workplace. Our aim is to improve the employee experience and help you achieve your business objectives.

Our integrated 360° approach covers all angles. We evaluate the main areas of intervention for a healthy company: lifestyle habits, work environment, work/life balance and management practices.

Health and Wellness Programs

  • Healthcare Account
  • Wellness Account
  • Short-term proactive disability management program
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP/FAP)
  • Substance abuse support program
  • Telemedicine

Employee Compensation and Tax Optimization

Is it possible to do more with less? Absolutely! Our multidisciplinary team and tax specialists have identified the main compensation strategies for maximizing your employees’ disposable income.

Provide your team with tax-efficient compensation (more net after-tax dollars), while ensuring practical compliance through sound documentation habits.

Rights to practice

All employee benefits services offered by Solertia are performed by Solertia Benefits Inc.

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