Organizational Development and Strategic HR Planning: The Key to a More Successful Company

Now more than ever, human resources make up the strategic pillar of an organization. And it goes without saying that you cannot achieve your business objectives without a powerful workforce. Particularly within the current socio-economic context, companies must go above and beyond to offer their employees a healthy and stimulating work environment that will earn their long-term loyalty.

Here at Solertia, we have developed a customized approach to support organizations through this complex process.

From initial attraction, to retention and mobilization, we help leadership teams identify the human resource management strategies they need to achieve their targeted business objectives. Our goal is to devise an HR strategy that aligns with your corporate mission, leveraging your human resources as a key organizational factor.

As your partner in all things HR, we will set you up with a powerful HR strategy that works for you—both on paper and in practice.

What is an HR strategy?

An HR strategy takes your business’ vision and aligns it with how you manage your human resources. Through a short-, medium- and long-term action plan, it paves the way for consistent, insightful decisions that have a real impact on company performance.

Enhance Your HR Strategy with Our Integrated Solutions

With its unique DNA, each organization requires its own customized solutions.

In a world where new methods and technology are constantly emerging and evolving, organizations must meet with unfamiliar challenges every day. For example, how do you harmonize work methods amongst the many generations that now make up the workforce? The issues in today’s workplace are just as complex as they are distinct and multifaceted.

Why does my organization need an HR Strategy?

Because it is always possible to achieve even more. At Solertia, we want to give your organization the momentum it needs to reach its full potential and transform on your own terms.

What we do at Solertia:

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  • Prevent departures and promote talent retention
  • Proactively manage your employees
  • Improve your employees’ well-being and sense of belonging
  • Support your managers in implementing good management practices
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your HR programs in order to target improvement opportunities
  • Implement an HR dashboard to make better decisions
  • Conduct a calibration exercise of your HR department to get the right resources in the right places
  • Evaluate the return on investment of your HR programs and initiatives

Dispute Prevention and Resolution

Dispute Prevention and Resolution (DPR) is a way to prevent or resolve misunderstandings, disputes, and conflicts.

These DPR methods generally promote a good working climate that emphasizes the cooperation, collaboration, and participation of all members.

The Benefits of Hiring an Accredited Mediator:

  • Adaptability—solutions are designed to match the context of the dispute
  • Speed—agreements are generally reached faster than with other methods
  • Satisfaction—parties reach lasting agreements that cater to everyone’s requirements
  • Good will—parties generally stay on positive terms following the mediation
  • Confidentiality—all information remains secure and private

Our accredited mediators will guide you through the DPR process that best suits your needs and the context of the dispute.


Human Resource Information System

At Solertia, we help organizations select the right Human Resource Information System (HRIS) from the range of solutions available on the market. Our services cover every step—from an in-depth assessment of your organization’s critical business requirements, to vendor pre-qualification and contract negotiation.

We want to hear about your company and goals.

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