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  • Frédérick Blanchette, CHRP

    "My passions include the study of human interactions, entrepreneurship, finance and art. Together they help me succeed as the strategic advisor and leader of Solertia."
    Frédérick’s bio
  • Elysa Rodier, CHRP

    "Solertia is an exceptional place to work. Our collective goal is to ensure 110% client satisfaction at all times."
    Elysa’s bio
  • Shruti Bhasin, CHRP

    Human Resources Practice Leader
    I always wondered how people connected to their dream jobs. I never imagined becoming an expert in hiring such incredible talent and help contribute to my clients’ growth.
    Shruti’s bio
  • Anne-Catherine Verreault, CHRP

    "Human relationships are at the heart of our work. HR consulting provides me with the opportunity to help companies grow by leveraging their talent."
    Anne-Catherine’s bio
  • Mélanie Foley, CHRP

    Developing my career in HR has meant that my professional life is focused on carrying out acts of human kindness.
    Mélanie’s bio
  • Catalina Podaru

    Human Resources Consultant
    There is no job more rewarding than working in Human Resources. It's not just my profession, it's an opportunity for continuous learning.
    Catalina’s bio
  • Camille Durocher-Bundock, M. Sc., CIRC

    Human Resources Consultant
    Human Resources consulting is the ideal field for me to express my passion for people and ability to build trusting relationships.
    Camille’s bio
  • Nadia Bongiorno, CHRP

    Human Resources Consultant
    Communicating with clients is the highlight of my daily consulting tasks. Collaborating with others is essential!
    Nadia’s bio
  • Katrina Girard, CHRP

    Human Resources Consultant
    Working in the human sphere of the business world is a professional accomplishment. My mission is to help my clients see the value in their employees.
    Katrina’s bio
  • Kevin Rwigema

    Senior Compensation Consultant
    Total compensation is a great way to value people. Finding innovative ways of communicating this to our clients helps them understand the essence of compensation.
    Kevin’s bio
  • Micheline Boisseau

    Tax Credit and Grant Consultant
    Contributing to projects that our clients are passionate about is a source of continuous inspiration, even more so within such a highly motivating team!
    Micheline’s bio
  • Denise Griffon

    Administrative Coordinator
    Cooperative and dedicated, working with the Solertia team allows me to utilize two of my greatest talents: organizing and taking care of others.
    Denise’s bio
  • Benjamin Robert, CHRP

    Human Resources Consultant
    Working for Solertia provides me with the opportunity to cultivate a diverse set of skills which helps to make our clients more efficient!
    Benjamin’s bio
  • Stephanie Kowalczyk, CHRP

    Human Resources Analyst
    “I’m never bored at work, there are always new and exciting challenges ahead!”
    Stephanie’s bio
  • Jonathan Caissy, CHRP

    Compensation Practice Leader
    “I love the combination of compensation and HR consulting for SME’s. For me, it’s the perfect mix of people, numbers and entrepreneurship.”
    Jonathan’s bio
  • Andrée-Anne Jeannotte, M. Sc., CHRP

    Human Resources and Organizational Development Practice Leader
    “You can manage HR and find a degree of efficiency. But if you manage human resources, you will find a measure of success that will make you stand out from the competition.”
    Andrée-Anne’s bio
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