Your kids are running around all day, you’re working from your kitchen table, and the idea of shutting off Netflix is daunting. Sound familiar? Rest assured, you’re not alone. When everything starts to pile up you’re left wondering how do I manage this stress?

It’s no secret that we are creatures of habit, and with all of this change and uncertainty our routines have been completely upended. You may not have realized it before, but the routines built over time contributed to your psychological well-being and sense of balance.

Here are some tips that you can apply to help develop positive habits:

  • Dedicate a room or a space in your home ENTIRELY for work purposes;
  • Plan your work days around specific hours. Although we have significantly more flexibility from home, try to work only during designated hours;
  • Take short and frequent body breaks! Moving your body releases endorphins: your feel-good hormones;
  • As much as moving your body is important, calming your mind is even more so. Practice conscious breathing, carve out a small five-minute break to meditate or take a walk outside and focus your attention on one small thing: the birds singing, the trees and flowers in bloom, the wind on your face, the heat of the sun, etc.;
  • Cook healthy meals. Think of your body as a race car: you wouldn’t put regular fuel in a Ferrari so make sure to fuel your body and your brain with healthy and nutritious foods to stay productive;
  • Develop an evening routine to properly recover from the day. Wind down, turn off technology, grab a book and set a specific time to go to bed.

Amongst this chaos, it might be the perfect time to review what truly matters to you and plan your next move. Keeping with the race car analogy: having no clear goals is like driving a fast car without a destination. Reflect on your goals and establish the skills needed to develop in order to reach the next level and think of why the accomplishment of these goals matters to you.

Anthony Boudreau

Published On: 13 July 2020



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