Solertia Consulting Group is proud to announce its partnership with Onit, an organization that seeks to accelerate the success of local companies by focusing on collaboration and partnership as a business model. Onit is a synergistic ecosystem that integrates five areas of expertise, more than 25 partners and 1,000 professionals that work together to generate success and growth for its clients.

Knowledge and Action

Onit’s members believe that innovation and progress are the result of collaboration, and that knowledge and action are the cornerstones of a company’s success. Relying on efficient, proven, action-oriented and forward-looking business tactics, Onit supports companies in matters of growth, optimization and profitability, while aiming for overall sustainability.

Partner in Growth

Solertia Consulting Group helps companies grow and improve their organizational performance by acting as an extension to their HR services. By working in a collaborative and innovative way with a strong focus on synergy, Solertia’s professionals provide organizations with the expertise needed to contribute directly to their success.

By joining forces, Solertia Consulting Group and Onit strive to break down the silos and barriers between areas of expertise in order to bring people together in a dynamic environment.

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Published On: 24 February 2020



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