Tax Credits and Grants

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In a difficult economic climate, companies often face considerable financial challenges. Sustained technological developments and current market conditions require companies to continuously invest in new project initiatives, as well as, manage the risks associated with these investments.

Fortunately, the Government offers various tax credit and grant programs aimed to assist companies to finance their projects and reduce the risks associated with these investments.

Why work with Solertia?

Our experience and specialized knowledge allows us to propose the subsidy programs that are most beneficial for your Company.

In addition to optimizing your Company’s eligibility, we oversee the entire process from the initial request up to obtaining the final credit or grant funds.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Design (Tax Credit)
  • Industrial Design (Tax Credit)
  • Research and Development (Tax Credit)
  • Multimedia (Tax Credit)
  • E-Business (Tax Credit)
  • Market Development (Grant)
  • IT Implementation (Grant)
  • Training (Grant)
  • Economic Growth Project (Grant)
  • Hiring a Human Resources Manager (Grant)
  • Human Resources Management Consultation (Grant)

Our specialized knowledge combined with our close relationships with governmental partners will save you time and money, and will increase your return on investment.

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