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Can COVID-19 Be Linked to a Rise in Workplace Harassment and Conflict?

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychological harassment and conflict in the workplace have become more pressing issue than ever. Although many employees now find themselves working from home, harassment and conflict at work remain prevalent. Among other challenges, the new working environment imposed by physical distancing measures has disrupted communication dynamics and affected employees’ sense of belonging. This new environment may give rise to conflict or psychological harassment in the form of actions, interactions and behaviours.

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What is your Financial Capacity?

Your company would like to apply for government funding for an interesting project. From what you can tell, you meet all of the eligibility requirements. But do you meet the financial criteria?

Before submitting your application, consider the following: Have you conducted a proper analysis of your financial capacity? Without governmental funding, are you able to support the launch of a new project, product or process?

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