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Light, refreshing summer read

We want to wish everyone a safe and relaxing summer and we will see you back in the fall.


This Year on Your Summer Vacation, Take the Time to Unplug

According to several recent studies, disconnecting completely during the holidays proves to be a challenge for many Quebeckers. While a number of professionals agree that it has become increasingly difficult to fully “unplug” from technology, others believe that doing so may not even be necessary. Regardless of your school of thought, scientific studies have shown the importance of unplugging when it comes to your mental health, productivity, sleep quality and more. If you’re ready to disconnect this summer, here are a few tips to help you draw the line between work and vacation.

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Stress Management During Uncertain Times

Your kids are running around all day, you were laid off or maybe you’re working from your kitchen table, you have no social pressure to be productive and the idea of shutting off Netflix is daunting. Sound familiar? Rest assured, you’re not alone. According to a recent Angus Reid survey, 44% of Canadian households have suffered from reduced hours or job losses. When everything starts to pile up you’re left wondering how do I manage this stress?

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