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Webinars on Pay Equity

March 30th

Quebec Pay Equity Compliance

This webinar will cover employers’ legal obligations as they relate to Quebec Pay Equity, including the risks and consequences of non-compliance.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Which companies are subject to the Law?
  • What are the deadlines?
  • When are Pay Equity Maintenance exercises due?
  • What should companies communicate to employees and to the CNESST?
  • Advantages of Pay Equity compliance
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • CNESST audit process

Our speakers:

  • Anne-Catherine Verreault, CRHA, Manager
  • Katrina Girard, CRHA, HR Consultant

For further information, please visit our Pay Equity web site: https://quebecequitesalariale.ca/

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