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In order to remain competitive in the labour market and to attract a qualified workforce, companies need to pay close attention to the Human Resources practices and programs that are put into place to ensure they contribute to the company’s performance and well-being of its employees.

Why work with Solertia?

  • Solertia has assisted numerous companies in structuring their Human Resources Management practices;
  • Whether it be working with an SME who wishes to put in place a basic Human Resources structure, or a multinational who would like to adopt better practices, Solertia has the solution to help reach your objectives.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Establishing the Corporate Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Employee and Managers’ Manual
  • Structured Employee Files
  • Job Descriptions
  • Internal Communication
  • Employment Contract
  • Disciplinary Management, Termination, and Dismissal
  • Organizational Diagnosis
  • Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Solertia has a wide array of Human Resources tools and policies at its disposal which can save your company time and money.

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