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Combatting Labour Scarcity: Becoming the Employer of Choice

The labour shortage in Canada is a trend that’s here to stay. In Quebec, the number of vacant positions has doubled in two years to nearly 120,000[1]. While this has impacted some sectors more than others, the situation has worsened.

Although labour scarcity is widespread, businesses must find solutions tailored to their unique needs. Strategies and solutions implemented should take your organization’s current situation into account, target the workforce you need to attract and reflect the values important to the people you want to attract.

Many factors can impact recruitment strategies. This makes solving your business’s labour scarcity issue challenging. Solutions must be innovative and  targeted to the talent you seek, this is Solertia’s core expertise!


Numerous strategies to counter labour scarcity exist. Solertia helps you find yours by:

Becoming an employer of choice is within your reach. It requires knowing all of your options and choosing the right solutions for your business’s unique needs. Let Solertia’s experts help you get there.

[1] SCHMOUKER, Olivier. “Tout, tout, tout sur la pénurie de main-d’œuvre au Québec!,” [online], Les Affaires, published on March 13, 2019 at 12:06. [Https://www.lesaffaires.com/blogues/l-economie-en-version-corsee/tout-tout-tout-sur-la-penurie-de-main-d-oeuvre-au-quebec/608829].

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