Partners and Accreditation



PSB Boisjoli

Solertia is associated with PSB Boisjoli, one of the leading professional services firms in Quebec. The Firm has over 160 employees and offers services in accounting, audit, taxation, and business evaluation.



CPA Order

Solertia has developed a Human Resources Management Reference Guide used by all chartered professional Accountants in Quebec as a part of their continuing education. As the exclusive trainer for the Order, Solertia has been called upon to train Controllers, Vice-Presidents of Finance, and CFOs across Quebec.



CPMT Accredited Training Organization

SOLERTIA holds a certificate of accreditation and is recognized as an accredited training organization by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (previously Emploi-Québec). This certificate requires the Consulting Firm to demonstrate experience and expertise within their specialized field.

The certificate of accreditation equally denotes that the fees associated with training taking place within the Business and Administration fields can be recognized as an admissible training expenditure under the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Act, previously the “1% Law”. These fees help to reduce the annual expenditures which companies must invest as part of the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Act.




Solertia’s Consultants are members of the Ordre des Conseillers en Ressources Humaines Agrees (ORHRI) in Quebec and the HRPA in Ontario. As such, we are regulated by a Code of Conduct which drives us to offer our clients solutions that are both high quality and ethical. Our consultants consistently demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and abide by the principles and rules set forth by the Orders. These qualities are seen as an added value by our clients.

Through our participation in various conferences, conventions, and group discussions we actively participate in the development and advancement of the HR community. We are often called upon to speak, write, and animate on a wide variety of topics including organizational performance, HR metrics, and legal conformity.



Quebec Association for Professionals in Economic Development

The Quebec Association for Professionals in Economic Development (APDEQ) brings together stakeholders who are engaged in various functions that contribute to entrepreneurship and the support, creation, implementation, attraction, or development of companies in various economic sectors within an established territory. Solertia’s team includes a certified B.Ec.



Atman Co.

Our consultants are certified to interpret the results of Atman’s personality tests. Through psychometric testing, we are able to accurately evaluate the personality profiles, sales profiles, and management profiles of our clients’ employees and job candidates.


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