Pay Equity

Compliance with Pay Equity

Since its inception in Ontario (1987) and Quebec (1996), the Pay Equity Act requires that all companies with 10 or more employees comply with the Law to establish and maintain pay equity. The objective of the Law is to eliminate the systemic salary gaps that exist between predominantly female job categories and predominantly male job categories within an organization.

More than 150,000 organizations are subjected to the Pay Equity Act in Quebec and Ontario. Ontario companies must maintain their Pay Equity Plans on an annual basis, whereas Quebec organizations are required to update their Pay Equity exercise every five years. Companies who have failed to comply with the terms of the Law expose themselves to considerable financial and legal consequences, which may result in prosecution.

Why work with Solertia?

  • Solertia’s Consultants are experts on conformance to the Pay Equity Laws;
  • We represent our clients during the audit process of the Pay Equity Commission;
  • We have completed over 400 Pay Equity exercises and have represented dozens of organizations through audits and reconciliations;
  • Our Pay Equity mandates are completed quickly and efficiently, and we provide you with all of the knowledge and resources needed to go forward

Our primary objective is to eliminate your financial and legal risks.

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