Participation at the HR Congress – Talent Shortage in Quebec

On October 23rd and 24th, Solertia attendee the 2018 HR Congress. We discussed one of the hotest topics affecting a significant amount of Quebec businesses: talent shortage. During the event, we asked our participants to share solutions that they implemented in their companies to tackle this problem.

Here are the 10 best proposed solutions.

1. Redefine and promote the brand and corporate culture

2. Be open to international recruitment and immigrant workers

3. Offer a competitive total compensation (base salary, working conditions, and benefits

4. Build an attractive reference policy

5. Conduct a diagnostic of the organizational structure (optimize roles and responsibilities)

6. Conduct a diagnostic on the recruitment process

7. Plan an in-house focus group or town hall on the best talent attraction and retention strategies

8. Maximize government grants to promote recruitment

9. Identify key employees / assess succession and/or promotion potential

10. Make employees versatile

If talent shortage is affecting your business, or for more advice on this matter, do not hesitate to contact Solertia’s experts and take advantage of a free consultation!

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